Modern Slavery Statement

Modern Slavery Statement

Slavery is not only a historical phenomenon, it is happening now, and it is affecting an estimated 29.8m people around the world. We welcome the enhanced transparency and focus that the Modern Slavery Act (the Act) brings to the efforts of UK Businesses in combatting this crime.

At Avertec, we do not tolerate (directly or indirectly) child labour, threats, coercion, abuse, violence or intimidation in our work environment, or in our supply chain.



This statement covers our approach in managing human rights, including slavery and human trafficking risks in our operation and outlines the specific measures and activities undertaken during the financial year ending 31st March 2018. This will be published annually on our corporate website.


Our impacts

Avertec is a leading Franchise partner of Telefonica UK, operating under the O2 brand. We have over 170,000 customers. We are a privately-owned business operating 33 O2 stores, a customer contact centre and a remote sales team, all in the UK.

As a Franchise business, we only sell products procured by Telefonica UK. Therefore, all related supply chain risks are managed directly by Telefonica UK.  Telefonica UK have a clearly outlined Supply Chain Sustainability Policy. We conduct our business in accordance with applicable legislation and regulations.


Our ethical code / values

Avertec has a common set of values that govern our day-to-day activities and apply to all employees. They detail our general principles of integrity and trust, customers at the heart, being at the forefront of innovation and investing in our people.

On issues of human rights, we:

  • Respect the principles of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as the declarations of the International Labour Organisation;
  • Promote equal opportunities and we seek to treat all individuals fairly and impartially, without discrimination relating to race, colour, nationality, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, civil status, age, disability, or family responsibilities;
  • Do not tolerate (directly or indirectly) any type of child labour, forced labour, threats, coercion, abuse, violence or intimidation in our work environment;
  • We respect our people’s rights to belong to the trade union of their choice and we do not tolerate any type of retaliation or hostile action towards those people who participate in union activities.




All employees have access to our values and must complete a mandatory training course on business principles and our current completion rate for all employees is 90% (including new starters etc). This illustrates the importance we place on respecting our ethical code.


Making Improvements

We recognise that the issues of slavery and human trafficking are complex and will require serious ongoing scrutiny. We will continue to closely monitor the issue and report on our activities in subsequent statements.





Steve Barrett

Operations Director.


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