Avertec team up with St Mungo's



Recently we teamed up with St Mungo's to support the fantastic work they do in the wider community. They help to rebuild lives for homeless people who have faced all kinds of hardships in life.

They offer support with getting people rehoused off the streets, counselling, rehabilitation and back into employment. We have opened our doors as a franchise group and teamed up with St. Mungo's to offer support around employment and opportunities with our teams.


St Mungos


Avertec really admired the work St. Mungo's was doing and really wanted to support them any way we could.

Therefore in 2017 we joint-ventured with them and opened our doors to a new recruitment opportunity. Once a quarter we host a recruitment workshop where we share our brand story, who our company is and what we do.

The workshop is completely free for all candidates. The candidates gain valuable information and have 121 time with our HR and regional leadership team for support on interviews and CV feedback. Its great practice and an opportunity to give back where possible.

We have recruited from these workshops in the past which has been very successful and we aim to continue to support St. Mungo's anyway we can going forward. The work they continue to do with the homeless is truly remarkable.

We have actually short listed some candidates and if successful keep you posted on their progress and journey with us.

Please refer to our facebook page for the full album of pictures and feedback video:


This was our first session and we will host this recruitment session once a quarter throughout 2017 to ensure we work with more community organisations who are doing some amazing work.

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