Carmarthen going from strength to strength



Ashley, Claire and team O2 Carmarthen are going from strength to strength with the Access project. For those unfamiliar with what the Access Project, the O2 Carmarthen store has been supporting a local campaign set up by Lizzie Johnstone. Lizzie is working hard to make Carmarthen the first disabled friendly town in the UK and goal of the world.




Our stores in Wales have been tirelessly fundraising to raise funds and bring awareness for the campaign. All our O2 stores have been signed for all those in our community who may have a challenge with blindness, deafness or a physical disabilities can be served by trained staff.

Our O2 stores were one of the first to get behind the campaign and now majority of the businesses are supporting also.

This is so refreshing to see the commitment from all the Welsh stores. They also took part in a 5K inflatables race raising a massive £2,300 together with all the fundraising.

This week they hosted the second training workshop at the store. Each week a different company who has signed up to be apart of the campaign comes in for their staff to be specially trained.

Also a TV crew from the Welsh Channel 4 came in to interview Callum one of our sales members to discuss the whole campaign of Access Carmarthen!

An amazing project to support as a team, and fantastic continuous direction from the O2 Carmarthen team! They are working extremely hard to ensure Carmarthen becomes the first disabled friendly town in the UK. Ashley and Claire as well as their team have done a great job with making their store a key part of their community and being more for all those around them.


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